Monday, September 7, 2020

Firearms and Machetes, New Zorn Combat Equipment and Rules

The World of Zorn takes place around the late 1930's Earth. 

    This means a few things, for instance, light firearms are relatively commonplace. In addition, costs are much less inflated. There are adventurers of every nationality visiting Zorn and this would normally make currency quite a hassle however the many ruins that dot the landscape are also filled with ancient gold and silver coins of mysterious origin. 

In order to make everyone's life simpler, everyone uses these as currency while on Zorn  In addition, I am changing the standard coinage from Gold (in SPG) to Silver. This means that XP and prices are all listed in silver coins or lower. 

When making relevant conversions for items not listed on price tables, here's my rule of thumb so far. 
  • 1 Zorn Gold Piece is worth 10 US Dollars in 1940
  • 1 Zorn Silver Piece is worth 1 US Dollar in 1940
  • 1 Zorn Copper Piece is Worth 10 US Cents in 1940


New Firearm Rules

    The original GLOG did not have dedicated rules for firearms. This needs to change for this setting. Many of these changes are at least loosely inspired by another system, Stars Without Number by Kevin Crawford.
  • Firearms have a maximum number of bullets that can be loaded into them, after firing that many times, they must be reloaded with an action.
  • Firearms have two range distances, the first of which marks the distance that they can be fired at with no penalty, and the second listing the range distance at which they fire with disadvantage, they cannot fire beyond this distance with any semblance of accuracy.
  • Firearms cannot be fired in melee range, the exception to this is Firearms that can be wielded one-handed (such as handguns).
  • Firearms can be clubbed up as an improvised melee weapon as an action.
  • Some Firearms have special properties, they will be detailed below the Firearm table.


Firearm Damage Range Bullets Cost Special
Handgun 2d4 50/100 Feet 8 15 Silver One Handed
SMG 3d4 35/75 Feet 30 30 Silver Burst Fire
Rifle 2d6+1 200/800 Feet 1 50 Silver Aim
Shotgun 3d4 15/30 Feet 6 50 Silver Blast

Firearm Properties

One-Handed: This weapon can be wielded one-handed, allowing for firing into melee range. It still needs a free hand to reload.
Burst Fire: This weapon uses 3 bullets every time it fires.
Aim: An additional action can be used to Aim this weapon, giving it advantage on its shot.
Blast: When firing this weapon, it can make a second attack for free against an enemy that is within 5 feet of the first enemy, when doing this, both attacks are made at a +2 penalty.

Melee Weapons

New Melee Rules

    Due to the inclusion of mass-produced firearms and the fleshing out of new rules, I felt it fitting to add a few special properties and rules to melee combat as well.
  • When a Melee Attack is made, hit or miss, the enemy takes damage equal to the attacker's strength modifier.
  • Some Melee Weapons have special properties, they will be detailed below the Melee Weapon Table.

Melee Weapons

Weapon Damage Hands Cost Special
Improvised 1d4 1 0 Flimsy
Light 1d6 1 5 Copper Thrown
Medium 1d6/1d8 1 or 2 2 Silver Versatile
Heavy 1d10 2 5 Silver Deadly

Melee Weapon Properties

Flimsy: This weapon was not meant for melee combat and breaks on a natural 1 or 20 during attacks
Thrown: This weapon can be thrown up to 30' as a normal attack
Versatile: This weapon can be used one or two-handed, switching between grips is free
Deadly: This weapon deals maximum damage during critical hits (This applies to the additional crit die as well).


The armor of Zorn has a descending Armor Class, rather than an ascending one.


Armor AC Cost
None 10-Dex Mod 0
Light 8-Dex Mod 25 Copper
Medium 6-Dex Mod 10 Silver
Heavy 4 100 Silver

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